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Introduction to Data Analytics in Python

Learn to Analyze Data with In-Demand Python Skills

Why Data Analytics?

The Harvard Business Review called Data Science "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century," and that sentiment is shared by businesses around the world. Data science and analytics plays a pivotal role in industries from healthcare to public policy and demand is growing. You already encounter analytics on everyday websites like Google and Facebook which use Python to leverage data with powerful built-in algorithms and open source libraries. Transform your career by learning to sort, organize, analyze, and visualize massive data sets.

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Upcoming Course Dates

March 15, 2021


4 Weeks Live Online

Mon and Wed, 7pm - 8:30pm

3 Hours Per Week



Project-Based Learning

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so we focus on giving you the hands-on practice you need.

Personalized Projects

Work with your instructor to choose a dataset from a topic of interest to you, anything from basketball scores to real estate prices. 

Industry-practitioner Instructors

Learn from professionals with years of experience using Python in the data science and data analytics field.

How it works

This short program teaches the core introductory skills for Data Analytics and coding in Python. Each class will cover a basic core skill, from data cleaning to visualization, and offer a chance to apply those skills to analyze a dataset you are interested in. Through individualized coaching and group feedback, you’ll be able to move your own data project through four stages: Hypothesis, Organization, Analysis, and Visualization. Whether you are a beginner in data analytics, or just new to Python, this course is a chance to learn an exciting and in-demand new skill. 

Who is this course for?

While no experience is required to succeed in this course, how do you know if learning Data Analytics with Python is the right next step for you? 

This course is a great option for people who:
Are new to Data Science and want to try programming before committing to a bootcamp
Interact with data scientists often and want to better understand their work
Want to advance their career by demonstrating Data Analytics skills


Karoline Skatteboe

Karoline Skatteboe is a Research Data Scientist and the US Lead for Spacemaker AI, an Autodesk company using Data Science, Analytics and AI to optimize and simulate urban development projects. Karoline holds B.S degrees in Information, Management and Systems Engineering, Mathematics specialized in Optimization, and Computer Science from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, in addition to a Master Degree in Business Analytics and Data Science from MIT's Sloan School of Management and The Operations Research Center. Prior to joining Spacemaker Karoline worked as a Data Scientist for the Boston Consulting Group in their advanced analytics group GAMMA and as a Data Scientist for StubHub. In her spare time she enjoys running, cycling and playing with her son. 

Our Program Director and Sprints Instructor Karoline Skatteboe discuss the Sprints program

What You'll Learn

Key Concepts

  • Developing useful research questions

  • Strong vs. weak hypotheses

  • Data cleaning and preparation

  • Data dimensions

  • Basic analytic functions (computations, statistics, and patterns)

  • Advanced analytic functions (regression, correlation)

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  • Basic visualizations (bar, box, line, and pie graphs)

  • Advanced visualizations (maps, heatmaps, and flow diagrams)

  • Presentation tips

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About Stack Education

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